Medieval & Renaissance Costumes


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Hengeband - Bright Heart for Vitality

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, links us to the physical world and is the found..


Hengeband - Dragon Heart for Happy Relationships

While traditional Wiccans focus on gods and goddesses, Draconian Wiccans focus on dragons for guidan..


Hengeband - Lady of the Moon for Beneficial Change

For the astrological moon signs, it is reputed that beneficial change is enhanced when a blue moon i..


Hengeband - Needfire Butterfly for Renewal

The butterfly is one of nature’s greatest symbols of growth and transformation. It is associated wit..


Hengeband - Spirit of the Forest for Adventure & Bravery

For many Pagans, the antlers of the stag are associated directly with the fertility of the God. To w..


Hengeband - Spring Hare for Boundless Energy

The Celts believed that the Goddess Eostre’s attendant spirit was the hare. It represented love, fer..


Hengeband - Titania's Star for Feasting, Fun & Frivolity

Faeries were originally worshipped as minor goddesses, such as nymphs or tree spirits. Over time the..


Hengeband - Unity Rose for Love & Friendship

The Triquetra is an ancient Indo- European 3 pointed symbol representing 3 way unity. To many Pagans..


Medieval / Renaissance Celtic Chemise

A 100% Cotton chemise with bell shaped sleeves & drawstring at the neck. Designed to be worn un..


Medieval Arabella Cotton Dress

Arabella Cotton Dress is made from glaze cotton fabric with ornamental trims. Front yoke is made fro..


Medieval Betyn Cotton Dress for ages 4-14

The dress has an astonishing brocade fabric which adorns the dress from the front side. It has 100% ..


Medieval Celtic Decorated Chemise

* Beautiful lace run along the sleeves * Elastic around neck give the option to wear on or off ..


Medieval Chemise

A medieval designed chemise with drawstring at the neck, elastic at the elbow & buttons at the c..


Medieval El Cid Warrior Tunic

When peace or boundaries must be protected, brave soldiers reach for this warrior’s tunic. It’s name..


Medieval Hilde Princess Gown for ages 4 -14

4 - 14 year old Girls' Princess gown is a wonderful royal wardrobe for your little princesses. It is..


Medieval Hildegard Princess Gown

A floor-length velvet dress with a full skirt. The puffed patterned princess sleeves tighten through..


Medieval Huntsman Tunic

When faced with the task of feeding their clan, this linen tunic was the medieval hunter’s choice. A..


Medieval Isabel Silk Gown

Shinning in the sun, Isabel Silk Dress is a lightweight, simply cut gown. Wide golden Jacquard ribbo..


Medieval Men's Alexander Nevsky Knight's Tabard Costume

The quartered colors of this tabard suggest you are heralding the arms of the sovereign! Scoop neck ..


Medieval Men's Captain England Coat

Wine-colored pirate coat made from Cotton Velvet has fully functional golden buttons. The pockets &a..