Candles for Home

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Candle - Chakra Pillar Candles 3" x 6"

Vivid and brilliantly colored pillars from Crystal Journey Candles dedicated to the Chakras. The rem..


Candle - 6" Taper |10 Colors

Taper Candles Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, Black, Brown, White, and Pink taper candles ..


Candle - 6.25" x 2" Pillar & Gemstone Pendant Gift Duo

A wonderful house warming gift! Abundance, Love, Protection, Courage and many more charged candles, ..


Candle - 7" Joined Taper Pairs - 12 Colors

 7" Tapers Joined Wick Pairs A pair of taper candles measuring 7" long x 3/4" at the base. S..


Candle - Chakra Pillar for Root Chakra 3" x 6"

Root Chakra - physical plane, stability, grounding, physical energy, will, security | ..


Candle - Chime 20 Packs - 13 Colors with FREE Fairy Star Chime Holder

Chime Candles + FREE gold fairy star candle holder. Lavender colored chime candles are often used..


Candle - Chime 20 Packs Gold or Silver + 2 FREE Fairy Star Chime Holders

​20 Pack Chime Candles in Gold or Silver + FREE gold and silver Fairy Star Chime Holders Gold Chi..


Candle - Crystal Journey Reiki Charged Pillar Candles

Reiki Charged Pillar CandlesMade from highly refined waxes so pure that they are considered food gra..


Candle - Votive - Herbal Reiki Charged Orange for Joy

Orange Reiki Charged Votive to Evoke Joy Fill your very being with joy through the g..


Candle - Votive - Herbal Reiki Positive Energy in Yellow

Positive Energy Herbal Yellow VotiveCharged with energy through the art of Reiki and scented with sa..


Candle Holder - Natural Pink Himalayan Salt for Votives

Carved of Himalayan rock salt, this beautiful natural tealight holder displays the beautiful natural..


Candle Holder - White Ceramic for Chime Candles

White Ceramic Chime Candle Holder Simple, elegant, and easily fitting anywhe..


Candle Holder - White Tower Selenite for Tealight

This Selenite tealight holder will hold a tealight and diffuse the candle light through its crystal ..


Candle Snuffer - Pentagram 10"

A simple and elegant candle snuffer with a long handle and an interwoven pentagram engraved on eithe..


Candle Snuffer - Pentagram 7"

A long handled candle snuffer with a free moving 1" deep bell. Black enamel with a gold enamel engra..


Candle - 6.25" x 2" Pillar for Abundance & Blue Goldstone Pendant

A wonderful housewarming gift! Abundance charged candle, with Blue Goldstone amulet necklace charm. ..


Candle - 6.25" x 2" Pillar for Bliss & Black Obsidian Pendant

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls" Joseph Campbell. Li..


Candle - 6.25" x 2" Pillar for Calming & White Howlite Pendant

Calming candle, with White Howlite amulet necklace charm. Light candle and release your intention fo..


Candle - 6.25" x 2" Pillar for Courage & Picture Jasper Pendant

Courage candle with amulet necklace charm. Picture Jasper, light the candle and release your intenti..


Candle - 6.25" x 2" Pillar for Energy & Green Unkite Pendant

"Energy and Persistence conquer all things" Benjamin Franklin. Unakite. Light the candle and release..