Cubic Zirconia

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Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Angelic Chain for Healing & Protection

My Angel’s wings shimmer faster than light, wielding the Chain of Invincibility and promising to kee..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Double Dragon for Second Sight and Psychic Protection

FREE 6 Pack of Dragon Yule Cards with purchase! (reg19.99) My Dragonet displays magnificent wings in..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Dragon Love for Brave & Tranquil Heart

My Dragon will comfort me as gently as he cradles my perfect crystal, and promises to keep my crysta..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Dragonet to Attract Wealth & Influence

My Dragonet displays magnificent wings in all his legendary strength and glory, and promises to keep..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Hedera Helix for Faithfulness & Good Friendships

My evergreen ivy wraps snugly but does not confine, clasping close with a promise to keep my crystal..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Phoenix Flame for Renewed Energy and Confidence

My Draca appears asleep, but watches for opportunity and sees the future with its inner eye, promisi..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Pipistrella to Escape from Danger

My charming Pipistrella flares her wings to ward off those in envy of my good fortune, and promises ..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Poesy for Optmism & Happiness

My fairy Poesy extends her wings to dazzle and display, revealing the delight in every day, and prom..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Rose & Thorn for Perfect Love & Partnership

Soft red roses rely on thorny weapons to guard my crystal treasure. The bond of beauty and barb prom..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Spyder Star for Winning in Competition

My sacred Spyder builds her web around Pentagram, the magic five point star, and promises to keep my..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Triskel Oak for Personal Growth and Development

My Triskel bears three-fold blessing in a sacred oak circle, attracting good fortune and promising t..


Symbology Pendant - Brilliant Silver Pentagram for Success

Pentagram Pendant with Cubic Zirconia in .925 Sterling Silver. Chain sold separately. Approxima..