Malachite metaphysically creates a barrier around you for strong protection. It is also used to aid in making life changes, increasing creativity, and gaining intuition regarding danger. This gemstone is an excellent vibration within the Heart and surrounding Chakras. 

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Briar Gemstones - Fidensa, Malachite for Grounding

This Malachite stone clears past traumas, the Earthly symbols bring security and grounding. Set..


Pendulum - Malachite for Grounding with Chakra Beads

A simple conical bob pendulum carved from Malachite and polished to show off the complex grain patte..


Malachite Prayer Beads

A length of prayer beads that can be kept in a pocket and taken with you as a medative tool. 5/8" pe..


Pendulum - Malachite Pendulum with Chakra Beads

Natural stone, Malachite Pendulum.  Malachite encourages loyalty and practicality in partnershi..