Chakra Jewelry

Jewelry that helps you balance and heal your chakras and energy.

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7 Chakra Pencil Black Tourmaline for Grounding

A pendant carved from Black Tourmaline and topped by silver tone metal. 7 chakra stones trail down t..


7 Stone Energy Pendant - Amethyst

A beautiful energy pendant based on an amethyst point with 7 crystal stones in a pewter setting. Nat..


7 Stone Energy Pendant - Clear Quartz

A beautiful energy pendant based on an clear quartz point with 7 crystal stones in a pewte..


Bracelet - Chakra Energy

A simple but powerful power bracelet made from natural cut and polished beads with a variously color..


Bracelet - Coexist Charms Silver

Coexist bracelet, sporting 8 charms, a Celtic Cross, a Buddha, a Hamsa Hand, a Tree of Life, an Om, ..


Briar Gemstones - Mercurea, Sodalite for Communication

Mercurea, Sodalite for Communication by Briar Gemstones Sodalite, gemstone of the Throat Cha..


Hengeband - Bright Heart for Vitality

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, links us to the physical world and is the found..


Power Bracelet - Green Aventurine

Made of 1/4” polished aventurine spheres and often worn to help enhance psychic and mental ability t..