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Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Poesy for Optmism & Happiness

My fairy Poesy extends her wings to dazzle and display, revealing the delight in every day, and prom..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Bright Vanina Kari Butterfly Fairy for Safety in Travel & Adventure -40%

Bright Vanina Kari Butterfly Fairy for Safety in Travel & Adventure Supernaturelles by Anne Stokes

Bright Vanina Kari, whose fairy name means ‘Butterfly so Pure of Heart’, travels far in her pursuit ..

$94.95 $56.95

Children of the Night - Dance of the Vampire for Timeless Beauty by Briar

Dance of the Vampire for Timeless BeautyMy gentle kiss melts away your sorrow, my soft caress stills..


Gothic Hengeband - Needfire Butterfly for Renewal

The butterfly is one of nature’s greatest symbols of growth and transformation. It is associated wit..


Hengeband - Lady of the Moon for Beneficial Change

For the astrological moon signs, it is reputed that beneficial change is enhanced when a blue moon i..


Hengeband - Spirit of the Forest for Adventure & Bravery

For many Pagans, the antlers of the stag are associated directly with the fertility of the God. To w..


Hengeband - Spring Hare for Boundless Energy

The Celts believed that the Goddess Eostre’s attendant spirit was the hare. It represented love, fer..


Hengeband - Titania's Star for Feasting, Fun & Frivolity

Faeries were originally worshipped as minor goddesses, such as nymphs or tree spirits. Over time the..


Kalea Solana Fairy Beauty for Happy Destiny -40%

Kalea Solana Fairy Beauty for Happy Destiny

Winged beauty Kalea Solana, whose fairy name means Clear Wind from the East, is constantly on the mo..

$94.95 $56.95

Tarika Orenda Fairy Maiden for Magical Ability & Personal Power -40%

Tarika Orenda Fairy Maiden for Magical Ability & Personal Power

Keeping close the secrets of enchantment, Tarika Orenda, whose fairy name means ‘Star of Magic Power..

$94.95 $56.95

Tree Fairy Raku Oil Bottle

This beautiful spell oil bottle shows a lithesome fairy sitting within a tree with flowers blooming ..


Whispering Fairy Earwrap by Alchemy of England

A whispering fairy familiar, your constant friend and benevolent guide ensuring your safety and succ..


Anne Stokes Birthday Card 6 Pack - Autumn Fairy

Inside reads "Birthday Wishes" Approximate Size: 4¾" w x 6¾" h ..


Anne Stokes Fairy Card 6 Pack - Draco Faerie

A dragon sketch is printed inside. Each card is blank inside for your own message. Approximate Size:..


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