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Amulet - Solitary Fairy

A powerful aid for those who walk alone, this amulet is intended to aid you in finding..


Amulet - Tree of Life

With night and day, between its canopy and its roots, the Celtic Tree of Life bridges the gap betwee..


Amulet - Wicca Stability

Wear this amulet of a braided crescent moon and interwoven pentagram, to find strength and stability..


Anne Stokes Enchanted Cameo - Lunar Magic

Created by renowned fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Beautiful winged dragon casted cameo features purple..


Anne Stokes Mythical Companions - Lunar Unicorn for Making Good Decisions

The Roman Goddess Diana represents the crescent moon and rides nightly in a chariot drawn by eight u..


Anne Stokes Mythical Companions - Pegasus Fortuna for Surmounting Obstacles

Immortal Pegasus, the fabled winged horse, devoted protector of the Muses, is pictured rearing and r..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Naysa Neona Night Angel for Making a Fresh Start

Night spirit Naysa Neona, whose angel name means ‘Miracle of the New Moon’, adorns the sky with her ..


Bracelet - Copper & Brass Triple Moon Goddess Cuff

Copper & Brass Triple Moon / Goddess Cuff Bracelet Sculpted from copper and brass, this ..


Briar Angels & Faeries Moon Leaper Pendant for Intuition

Each pendant is is supplied in a presentation box with a matching chain and an instruction leaflet o..


Briar Children of the Night - Blood Moon Rising for Truth

Briar Children of the Night | Blood Moon Rising for TruthIn darkness, I glow richer than rubies, red..


Briar Children of the Night - Masque of the Wolf for Supernatural Powers

The Ancients feared my wild spirit. I am the perfected predator. In full moon’s luster, I grow stron..


Briar Children of the Night - Song of the Lycan for Transformation

Do not tremble at my howl, for it is not you I seek to destroy but that which would hurt you. Nothin..


Briar Children of the Night - Talons of the Moon for Adoration

I hold you in the palm of my hand, a beautiful treasure to be cherished. You hold me in your heart, ..


Briar Gemstones - Phul's Moon, Quartz for Transformation

Set in 925 Sterling Silver and is mounted on a design of ancient symbols and scripts that correspond..


Briar Gemstones - Selene's Glaive, Moonstone for Intuition

Moonstone of Selene, Luna Goddess and planetary seal of the Moon, for intuition. Set in 925 Sterling..


Hengeband - Lady of the Moon for Beneficial Change

For the astrological moon signs, it is reputed that beneficial change is enhanced when a blue moon i..


Hengeband - Spring Hare for Boundless Energy

The Celts believed that the Goddess Eostre’s attendant spirit was the hare. It represented love, fer..


Image Pendants - 9 Kaleidoscope & Flower Mandalas

From the Kaleidoscope Mandala Collection of our Image Pendants. Provided on a lead-free pewter ..


Mythic Celts Pendant - Call of Annwn for Spiritual Abundance

"Annwn" is the Otherworld in Welsh mythology. Ruled by Arawn, it was essentially a world of delights..


Mythic Celts Pendant - Luna Dragon for Strength on Life's Journey

The Celts believed that these nocturnal dragons traveled across the night at the sight of the moon c..