Supernaturelles by Anne Stokes

The Supernaturelle dwell in the Unseen World, always with us but only glimpsed as a shimmer in the air of secret places. These mystical spirits take many forms – angels, fairies, mermaids & pixies – lending their enchantments to those willing to open their hearts and believe that all things are possible. Lovingly crafted in 925 Sterling Silver (some with gold accents) and cubic zirconia, these beautiful pendants come with a silver chain and satin gift pouch making Supernaturelles the ultimate gift.

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Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Amara Arelia Dream Angel with Moonstone for Sweet Dreams & Peaceful Sleep

Blissful Amara Arelia, whose angel name means ‘Eternal Angel’, seemingly sleeps while being consciou..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Naysa Neona Night Angel for Making a Fresh Start

Night spirit Naysa Neona, whose angel name means ‘Miracle of the New Moon’, adorns the sky with her ..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Serafina Aizza Life Angel for True Love & Loyal Friendship

Boldly beautiful Serafina Aizza, whose angel name means ‘Heavenly-winged Angel of Life’ stands guard..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Kalea Solana Fairy Beauty for Happy Destiny

Winged beauty Kalea Solana, whose fairy name means Clear Wind from the East, is constantly on the mo..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Leora Celeste Light Angel for Protection & Serenity

Leora Celeste, whose angel name means ‘Light from the Sky’, blesses all with open arms, promising co..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Meri Morwenna Mermaid Dancer with Rose Quartz for Achieving Your Heart's Desire

Spiral dancer, Meri Morwenna, whose mermaid name means ‘Enchanted Sea Wave’, sways in the gentle oce..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Serene Celina Sylvana Tree Spirit for Inner Strength & Self Knowledge

Serene Celina Sylvana, whose tree spirit name means ‘Moon in the Forest’, branches upwards to achiev..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Tarika Orenda Fairy Maiden for Magical Ability & Personal Power

Keeping close the secrets of enchantment, Tarika Orenda, whose fairy name means ‘Star of Magic Power..