Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead
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Anne Stokes Carpe Noctum - Infinitas for Perfect Love & Perfect Trust

Through Time Immemorial, True Love enriches the World and is without Beginning and without End. Love..


Anne Stokes Carpe Noctum - Spondeo to find your True Soul Mate

The pledge is troth, the bond sacred in this life and forever more. True Love is Immortal. Eternity ..


Anne Stokes Carpe Noctum - Vocare to find True Destiny

The True Teacher destroys falsehoods and exposes fakery. She guides seekers onto the Right Path. Tru..


Briar Children of the Night - Angel of Midnight for Sweet Dreams

I come robed in mist, my wings jeweled with moonbeams, my face lit by falling stars. I am as one wit..


Briar Children of the Night - Ankh of Immortal Infinity for Life

I come from Luxor and the Nile, in ancient ritual made strong and powerful. No hand may destroy me f..


Briar Children of the Night - Barbed Heart for Eternal Love

My heart is neither broken nor damaged. It is held strong by passion and wrapped in dark bliss. I sh..


Briar Children of the Night - Blood Trinity to Live, to Love & Live Evermore

Share with me my roses’ red nectar in sweet unity. Our forbidden communion shall take us from yearni..


Briar Children of the Night - Bloom of the Eternals for True Love

A rose must have thorns, as beauty must stake the heart of the beloved with passion. My symbol is un..


Briar Children of the Night - The Vampire Rose for Immortal Seduction

Your velvet skin, soft like a perfect rose, shall neither wither nor die. My thorns keep your tender..


Clock - Day of the Dead Skull

A wonderful wall clock featuring artwork patterned after the Calavera sugar skulls given as offering..


Clock - Day of the Dead Skull on Black - 11 1/2" x 2 1/2"

A round Day of the Dead clock. Uses 1 AA battery which is not included. Plywood back, Laminated Viny..


Coffee Mugs - Day of the Dead - Set of 4

Coffee Mugs - Day of the Dead - Set of 4A set of four 14oz. coffee mugs taking their inspiration fro..


Day of the Dead Skull Beads Assortment

An assortment of skull beads on a clear filament. These are not necklaces but rather a string of sku..


Day of the Dead Skull Necklace

This is a splendid Day of the Dead skull pendant modeled after the Calavera skulls, Has 18” chain. F..


Gothic Choker - Bed of Blood Roses

Rich with beautiful symbolism, the Bed of Blood Roses choker necklace portrays an image straight fro..


Hengeband - Bright Heart for Vitality

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine, links us to the physical world and is the found..


Secret Box - Day of the Dead Book

A nifty little brown colored, solid book box. Having an embossed detailed Day of the Dead Skull, on ..


Steampunk Pewter Skull Pendant

Steampunk Skull A pewter pendant featuring an exposed gear steampunk skull. ..


Sugar Skull Bank in Black & Pink

A Great Hand Painted Day of the Dead Black / Pink Skull Bank. There is a slot in the back of the hea..


Sugar Skull Bank in Purple Metallic

Medium Size Purple Metallic Day of the Dead Bank 4" Tall x 5 1/2" Long x 3" Wide Hand Painted Cold C..