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Arboreus Earwraps by Alchemy Gothic

An elf’s ear, disposed to the natural surroundings of such a creature, in the form of a Victorian go..


Coeur Noir Ear Cuff New

Coeur Noir Ear Cuff

Fettered, dark passion, displayed by the enameled black heart. This cuff stud earring is sold singul..


Cognition Earwrap by Alchemy Gothic

Gain knowledge and comprehension of your inner mental engineering. This 3D cast steampunk earwrap is..


Dragon's Lure Earwrap

A powerful symbol of primal forces let this dragon whisper the secrets of Nature’s power in your ear..


Kraken Earwrap by Alchemy of England

A horrendously creepy intrusion, being enveloped by overwhelmingly powerful and limber tentacles fro..


Nocti-Dame Ear Wrap New

Nocti-Dame Ear Wrap

A black and demonic gargoylian companion, monumentally attending your presence in the depths of the ..


Red Rose of Passion Earwrap

Accented with Swarovski crystals this earwrap takes the form of a black rose that climbs up from you..


Rosa Nocta Earcuff New

Rosa Nocta Earcuff

The amorous magical properties of a combined pentagram and a black rose are as obscure as they are p..


Temptation Earwrap by Alchemy of England -47%

Temptation Earwrap by Alchemy of England

Like a whispering shoulder devil or a witch's familiar, this personal, miniature dragon, piercing th..

$63.95 $33.99

Uncle Albert's Timepiece Ear Cuff

The perfect miniature, 13-hour Lunar time fob watch and its accoutrements from the Victorian era, in..


Whispering Fairy Earwrap by Alchemy of England

A whispering fairy familiar, your constant friend and benevolent guide ensuring your safety and succ..


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