Nordic & Viking Jewelry

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Anne Stokes Mythical Companions - Poseidon's Steed to Attract Friendship

Mighty Poseidon, Greek God of Sea and Horses, rode mythic Hippocampus over the waves. Both message b..


Bracelet - Thor's Hammer Leather and Pewter

An absolutely stunning and powerful bracelet. Two dragons with bodies twined into a Celtic knot set ..


Nordic Lights - Celtic Cross Heart Pendant for Happy Friendships

The ancient symbol of love and affection ornaments a traditional cross design representing the four ..


Nordic Lights - Celtic Pentagram Pendant for Willpower & Success

The magical pentagram encircled and enhanced by Celtic knotwork is the traditional amulet of the Cel..


Nordic Lights - Dolphin Triskilian Pendant

The Dolphins represent harmony and spirituality while the traditional Triskilian design shows the th..


Nordic Lights - Eye of the Ice Dragon Pendant

The ancient Norse believed the world was created of five elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ice. ..


Nordic Lights - Jeweled Trefot Pendant

An ancient universal symbol, the Trefot is set among three spirals of continual motion, which signif..


Nordic Lights - Jewels of the Moon Pendant for Clairvoyance & Psychic Ability

The Moon's phases govern the shamanic magic called Seidr, taught to Odin by Norse goddess Freya, for..


Nordic Lights - Moon Pendant for Inspiration through Dreams

The Man in the Moon in Norse myth was Mani, who shone with the light of Not, Viking goddess of the N..


Nordic Lights - Moon Valknutr Pendant for Realizing Dreams

The Valknutr represents Odin's power, while the lunar symbolism stands for Freya, Norse goddess of m..


Nordic Lights - Ring of the Heavens Pendant for Leadership & Advancement

The star design shows the eight winds and eight worlds of ancient belief, with our world - Midgard -..


Nordic Lights - Sea Unicorn Pendant for Love & Courage

Two mythical unicorns rise from the sea foam, enchanting with their supernatural beauty and purity. ..


Nordic Lights - Sunwheel Pendant for Optimism & Success

One of mankind's oldest symbols, the Sun Wheel is the whirling unstoppable power of the sun, shining..


Nordic Lights - Thor's Hammer Pendant

Viking God Thor's magical hammer, an invincible weapon of supernatural strength, was worn as a power..


Nordic Lights - Triskilian Pendant for Progress

An ancient universal symbol, the Triskilian is set among three spirals of continual motion. The Isle..


Anne Stokes Supernaturelles - Meri Morwenna Mermaid Dancer with Rose Quartz for Achieving Your Heart's Desire

Spiral dancer, Meri Morwenna, whose mermaid name means ‘Enchanted Sea Wave’, sways in the gentle oce..