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Altar Bell - 2.5" Silver Plated Om

Plated in silver and engraved with the Hindu Om symbol, this altar bell's gentle ringing tone is gre..


Altar Bell - 3" Dragon Tingsha Cymbals

Also known as ting-sha, these Tibetan symbols are used for prayer and ritual. The unique sound they ..


Altar Bell - Bronze Dragon Gong

Reproduction of a traditional Chinese temple gong creates a pleasant harmony when rung with the smal..


Bell - Harmony Bell 4 1/2" on 5" Rope

Decorative Harmony Bells with rope Cord. Approximately 5" Bell Height, 4" Bell Diameter, 9.5" Total ..


Briar Dharma Charms Buddhist Pendants

Lovingly crafted from lead-free pewter and set with splendid crystals, a presentation gift pouch is ..


Candle - Chakra Pillar Candles 3" x 6"

Vivid and brilliantly colored pillars from Crystal Journey Candles dedicated to the Chakras. The rem..


Candle - Chakra Pillar for Root Chakra 3" x 6"

Root Chakra - physical plane, stability, grounding, physical energy, will, security | ..


CD | 13 Tones of Creation by Elvina Munir

A hypnotic sound scape featuring tubular bells, energy chimes, Native American flute, and Tibetan si..


CD | Astral Meditations by Dr Arlenen Alexander

There is a more subtle body beyond the limits of the physical body, which is called the astral body...


CD | Chakra Meditations by Alana Fairchild

Clear blockages and open up to enhanced wellbeing with this healing musical journey through the seve..


CD | Margaret Ann Lembo's Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

Experience a tuning of your subtle bodies as Margaret plays the singing crystal bowls. Bring your in..


CD | Meditation Drum by David & Steve Gordon

Create a serene environment of inner peace and enjoy effortless meditation with this ambient drum mu..


CD | Music for Meditation by Gordon & Gordon

Music for Meditation by David and Steve Gordon presents soul-soothing, ambient instrumentals that ma..


CD | Reiki Music Vol 1 by Martine Salerno

Ideal background music for Reiki treatments, meditation, or simply for relaxing. This inspiring, soo..


Celestial Bells - String of 10 or more 1/2" Bells - Assorted Colors

This string of little bells is sold by the strand for decor and magic more than sound, They are on a..


Coloring Book - Color Yourself to Tranquility

Get in touch with nature and discover a world of tranquility by coloring in these beautiful illustra..


Coloring Book - Meditative Garden Mandala

The natural world soothes and refreshes our soul—and so does the process of focusing on, and colorin..


Coloring Book - Soul Discovery by Janet Conner

The Soul Discovery Coloring Book invites readers to: •Noodle: use silence, reflection, staring off..


Crown Chakra Meditation Set + FREE Amethyst 7 Stone Pendant

Save over $90! Crown Chakra Healing Meditation Trio at 20% OFF + FREE 7 Stone Amethyst Pendant ..


Crystal Ball Set - 7 Chakra Flower of Life

Set of 55mm & Chakra Flower of Life Crystal Balls. Shown on the 10" Flower of Llife Stand s..