10 Ways to Balance Your Sacral Chakra

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The last time we visited the Chakras, we talked about how you can drain your root chakra by “giving your all” to other people and ways to balance the root chakra. The need for balance runs throughout your body, and without it we’re unable to be our true best selves. From our root chakra, we move slightly upward in the body to the Sacral Chakra. Issues with the Sacral Chakra affect our emotions, our sexuality, our creativity, and our passions.

The real problem with chakras is that simply being blocked is not the worst of your worries. Having an excess of energy in one of your chakras can cause entirely different problems. When you first balance your Root Chakra, the emotions you’ve been suppressing will come up and reflect through the Sacral Chakra.

This chakra is about the right to feel, and excess energy in the Sacral Chakra can give you as many problems as having too little energy here. This is the chakra where we create the life we want., To do that, we must have a balanced Sacral Chakra.

While a blockage in the Sacral Chakra can cause withdrawal and detachment from relationships, an overabundance of energy in the Sacral Chakra can lead to emotional obsessions, overreacting and dramatics, codependency, and addictions.

This makes maintaining balance in the Sacral Chakra critical, so here are 10 simple ways to help balance your Sacral Chakra

  1. Connect with water. The Sacral Chakra is the water chakra, so connect to water in some way. Swim, shower, bathe, wade, anything you can do to connect with water will help you achieve balance.
  2. Meditation with your stones: adding music to this can help you connect and balance. Stones associated with the Sacral Chakra are
  3. Creative play: any form of art or creative self-expression. Your emotions come out easily when you open your mind and heart to creative play that allows you to let go. If you already have a hobby or craft that you love, allow yourself time to do it. If not, learn something new. Allow yourself time to learn, practice, and enjoy.
  4. Physical Activity: Any type of movement will help. Yoga is particularly helpful. Try these poses, or other hip opening poses to balance your Sacral Chakra.
    • Warrior II
    • Frog Pose
    • Goddess Pose
    • Open-Angle
    • Cobra
    • Butterfly
  5. Self-Care: Eat healthier, exercise more, attend to your health, and take time for yourself. You can combine this with connecting with water if you like and swim or bathe, or just treat yourself somehow. Get your nails done, or a haircut, whatever makes you feel special.
  6. Visualization: Like many people, I tend to visualize the chakras as spinning balls of energy, and when I’m doing visualization for balance, I visualize a spinning ball of orange energy washing through me and then settling into the Sacral Chakra and feeding the spin of the energy into the chakra. Different methods will work for different people. You’ll find the one that works best for you.
  7. Be spontaneous: Do something you wouldn’t normally do. It doesn’t really matter what it is. Take up a new hobby, take a trip, and most of all, step outside your comfort zone.
  8. Aromatherapy: Blends of the following oils make lovely aromatherapy combinations to help with the Sacral Chakra.
  • Sandalwood
  • Jasmine
  • Ginger
  • Orange
  • Neroli
  • Rosewood
  • Bergamot
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Cardamom
  • Cinnamon Bark
  1. Color Therapy: Wear shades of
    • orange
    • peach
    • apricot
    • gold
  2. Affirmations:
    • I claim my ‘right to feel’
    • I draw healthy boundaries
    • I follow my inner passion
    • I respect and care for my body
    • I express my emotions creatively

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