7 Reasons Your Money Spells Aren’t Working

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This is a guest post by Kalen Christopher, the co-founder and English editor for AprendeGranMagia.com.

When you perform money spells correctly, they can go a long way towards helping you reach your financial goals. Unfortunately, even experienced witches make a lot of mistakes that keep their money spells from working.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results from your money spells. You might be making one of the mistakes listed below. Fortunately, your results could improve significantly if you rectify them. I assume that you are casting white magic money spells, so I will tailor my advice with this in mind.

You are casting a spell with stolen or blood money in your ingredients

One of the most important rules of white magic is not causing harm. This rule doesn’t just apply to the desired outcomes of your spell. It also applies to any steps that you take along the way.

Most money spells require the use of coins or dollar bills. Your money spell might not work if they were obtained immorally. If they were stolen, acquired through war profiteering or drug trafficking, then they could interfere with your spell. This is one of the reasons I never use $20 bills in money spells. Bills of this denomination are frequently used in the drug trade, so they have a lot of negative energies attached to them.

The spell could still work, but the negative vibrations are likely to get in the way. Before the coins or bills could be used, they would need to be donated to a wholesome organization to cancel out any negative energies attached to them.

Using magic from less materialistic cultures

Some types of magic are derived from cultures with less complicated monetary systems. The spells that originate from these cultures are still powerful. Some of the most effective love and healing spells come from these schools of magic.

However, the gods in these cultures don’t place nearly the same emphasis on wealth. You can still use magic from these gods indirectly to enhance your wealth. They can help you become a more skilled at certain tasks related to your business, sleep better so you will be more productive at work or become more confident so you can thrive in business. However, they are not suited for casting traditional money spells.

You lack gratefulness

In order to cast any spells, you need to be in tune with both the natural and spiritual world that encompasses you. Negative energies invariably constrict these connections. When you are greedy or unappreciative of what you have, then you will invite negative karma into your life. This is going to impede your ability to cast a money spell.

You are casting your spells in a moment of desperation

You must channel your emotions carefully and clearly express your intent when performing any spell. A money spell is no exception. Your spell is likely to fail if you are casting it in a moment of turmoil.

Don’t try using money spells if you are suffering from severe financial stress. If you are terrified of being unable to pay your rent or buy groceries, then you will have a very difficult time focusing your intentions to make the special work. You should either find a temporary solution to your financial difficulties or ask someone else to cast a spell on your behalf.

Your casting a spell without a means of actually generating money

You probably remember the old adage: “money does not grow on trees.” This common sense principle still applies when casting money spells.

You need a mechanism to actually generate money for your spell to work. You can’t expect to win the lottery if you never play to buy a ticket. You can’t hope for a sizeable inheritance if nobody in your life is about to pass away.

You might need to start a business, apply for a better job or begin playing the lottery if you don’t have a way of getting money yet. Otherwise, there is no point of casting a money spell.

You are hoping to and money through malicious means

As stated above, you need a plan to actually generate money. The plan that you have in mind could make a difference in the outcome. Some means of making money are harmless to others, such as winning the lottery, getting a better job or inheriting money from someone that is almost certain to pass away (as long as you are not trying to expedite their passing).

On the other hand, some means of making money through magic could be harmful or evil. These include hoping for the death of an otherwise healthy member of your family to earn their inheritance or trying to cause an injury to a business rival so you can take their customers.

Witches that use black magic might be open to using malicious means to achieve their end. If you are using white magic spells, then this approach will not work. The gods that give you the power to cast white magic spells will reject your wishes. You need to channel your energy to generate money in a more productive way.

Your faith is limited on two fronts

Faith is crucial to the success of any spell. Money spells are no different.

You can’t just have confidence in your spellcasting abilities. You must also have faith in your ability to earn money. If your faith in either is lacking, then it will be difficult for your spell to succeed. When you lack faith in both your spell and ability to make money, then it is practically a guarantee that it won’t work.


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