A Luck Spell for the New Year

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Samhain. I know we did. We just had a small celebration here. We lit candles and honored those who have passed, and then I worked with my cards to seek insight for the New Year. This time of year, most of us will now turn to preparing for Yule and Christmas; however, this weekend, I will use the full moon to cast a luck/blessing spell for good fortune in the New Year.

It’s a little soon for the New Year on January 1, but whether you choose to celebrate the New Year now, or then, or both, a spell for good luck is always in order. This spell can be as complex or as simple as you like. You can set up altars for all the elements as well as your main altar, or you can simply use your sacred space. I often celebrate both, and I use this spell for both events. You can do it anytime around the New Year to bring luck to your New Year.

If you choose, you can use this for starting new projects, but I prefer to use something more personal to the project itself when I ask for luck for a project, and I save this for the New Year. If you cast this 

on a full moon, it will add power to your spell.

You will need:

One White Candle

One Gold Candle



Rose petals (dried)

Ginger oil

Ground and center yourself as always. Anoint your candles with the oil. Ginger adds power and positivity to your spell and is also good if some of the things you want to attract are success and money.

Light your candles while saying

Blessed good luck flies my way

Sends all trouble far away

Brings good luck from far and near

Joyful luck surrounds me here.


Blend the herbs in your bowl/cauldron. Using your gold candle, light your herbs while saying

Lucky fortune flies my way,

Send success in bright array.

Happy chance comes to me,

As my will, so mote it be

Focus your will on visualizing a happy and prosperous New Year. Picture your desires coming into being. Maintain this focus as long as you can hold it purely and clearly. When you’re finished, let the energy dissipate and close your circle or release the elements if you have called them.





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