The Magic of Chocolate

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Today we have another guest blog from my fiance, Harry who was a chef his entire working life. He's been a practicing pagan for several years now, and of course, his focus is food and herbs.

In my 30-year career as a chef in various venues, I often witnessed the “magical” properties of foods. I learned that if you fry onions, or bacon, on an open grill, your hungry patrons will line up, even if the dish being served includes neither. It is also true that a meal prepared with love and care will always taste better than food carelessly prepared. No one can deny that a delicious flavorful meal will put a smile on your face every time.

It made sense to me then, as I started to study Paganism, that I was drawn to the magical properties of certain foods. The one food that seems to show up everywhere is chocolate. It shows up repeatedly in my study of food magic.

Chocolate has a melting temperature of 98.6° F, the same temperature as the human body. It’s available and valued throughout the world. From the fine chocolatiers of Europe to the cacao farmers along the equator, almost everyone loves chocolate, the “Food of Love.”

Shortly after I started studying paganism, I happened to see Like Water for Chocolate. The food was such a huge part of the culture, the chocolate especially, and that naturally intrigued me. The author of the book included actual recipes at the beginning of each chapter that she presents as being handed down from the Abuela’s, or grandmothers.

In one memorable scene, the Abuela made a hot chocolate drink for the men of the family and seasoned it with chili. The women had been complaining their husbands were too tired to be amorous after working all day. The results were immediate and spectacular, and everyone was pleased.

This theme of cooking with emotion persists throughout my studies of other “kitchen witches” and their magic. I’m including a basic table of chocolates and their possible uses in various spells.

The Latin name for chocolate is Theobroma Cacao, and its gender is considered feminine.


White Chocolate

Milk Chocolate

Dark chocolate

Cacao powder











Zodiac Signs











Friendship, self love, fun

Friendship, self love, balance, raises energy

Love, Romance, grounding, prosperity

Grounding, prosperity, ancestors






As with any type of magic, kitchen magic is at its most effective when you have strong intentions. Before you prepare your chocolate, you should take time to meditate and focus your energy. Prepare to do your magic with a firm picture in your mind of what you want to accomplish.

You can add other elements to your cooking too. If you are creating an attraction spell, burn a red candle while you prepare the chocolate. Play music that opens your heart, so the energy flows from you into your dish.

As I mentioned earlier, I have seen the magic of food manifest itself in many ways, and with proper preparation and intention, chocolate in its various forms can be a powerful magical ally.  Try it soon!


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