Mars in Slow Motion

Posted by Aeslin 29/07/2018 0 Comment(s) Notes From Aeslin,

With Mars in retrograde from June 26 - August 27, it's a good time for introspectiion and planning. As Mars energy turns within, the general forcast might read "High chance of self criticism with outbursts of anger storms."  Understanding that Mars in retrograde is a time of caution and planning, rather than assertiveness, we can get through it. It is even possible to benefit from using this introspective time to notice, accept, and allow the annoyances and frustrations of waiting to teach us their valuable lessons.


Slow down with Mars' orbit, and take advantage of any "down time" that seems to be a delay in progress. Before anger or impatience takes oveer, consider that this could be a time that teaches you something about yourself and others that accellerates your entire future. Analyzing past actions in business and love can lead to the awareness that opens doors and makes your relationships stronger in the long run.


If you find yourself treading water or moving in slow-mo with Mars, try to make the most of any unexpected breaks. Although Mars in retrograde comes with many warnings for the ambitious, it could turn out to be a helpful gift.




May your spells, visions, dreams, wishes, blessings, and prayers keep you focused on peace, success, love, harmony, and positve intent throughout Mars Retrograde, and always. 

Blessed Be!


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