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It's TIme to Plan Your Magic Garden

It's TIme to Plan Your Magic Garden

Aeslin 25/02/2019 1
As I look out Upon the blanket of snow that covers the central Rocky Mountains (and my driveway), it appears that winter will never go away. By the end of February, it's cabin fever season around here. The white Christmas we sing for in December, suddenly transforms into a dreaded additional round of shoveling, muddy entry ways, and a longing for warmer temperatures. The good news is that Spring is only a month away, and it will soon be time to plant seeds indoors to prepare for the garden.....and yes, more shoveling as the rich compost from a long winter gets turned into my Spring Garden dirt.  This year, I am planning to plant Bayleaf for p...
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Mars in Slow Motion

Mars in Slow Motion

Aeslin 29/07/2018 0
With Mars in retrograde from June 26 - August 27, it's a good time for introspectiion and planning. As Mars energy turns within, the general forcast might read "High chance of self criticism with outbursts of anger storms."  Understanding that Mars in retrograde is a time of caution and planning, rather than assertiveness, we can get through it. It is even possible to benefit from using this introspective time to notice, accept, and allow the annoyances and frustrations of waiting to teach us their valuable lessons. Slow down with Mars' orbit, and take advantage of any "down time" that seems to be a delay in progress. Before anger or impatien...
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Make Full Moon Water This Weekend

Make Full Moon Water This Weekend

Aeslin 25/07/2018 0
This weekend there is an opportunity to make Full Moon Water for energizing, empowering, and super-charging your magic with lunar energy, and applying it to your spells and blessings. Follow these simple simple steps to make Full Moon Water. 1. Get a clean, glass containter to hold your spring, tap, distilled, or filtered water. 2. Find and unobstructed place for the water to absorb the energy from the moon. A sacred place is ideal. 3. Bless the water with sage, and charge the water with full intent to achieve what you decidedly want. 4. Expose the water to the full moon, and let the Goddess work her magic. You can intensify and charge your m...
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