Smudge Sticks

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Incense Resin Burner Bowl - 4" Green Tree of Life

A carved tree symbol appears on two sides of this soapstone burner. Chalice shape makes this a versa..


Medicine Wheel Oils - 1 dram Pinion Pine

Creating a rich, earthy atmosphere of healing and protection, this anointing oil provides for you a ..


Medicine Wheel Oils - 1 dram Sweet Grass

Offering the sweet aroma of sweetgrass, this sacred oil is a great way to empower your purification ..


Medicine Wheel Oils - 1 dram Western Sage

Richly imbued with the fragrance of Sage, this sacred oil can be used within your purification ritua..


Medicine Woman Tarot by Carol Bridges

Learn balance within yourself, nature and others through symbolism and meaning rooted in..


White Sage Smudge & Purification Kit

The white Sage Purification kit can be used for ceremonies, purification, and banishing. The set inc..


Smudge Pot with 3" White Sage Wand

Sculpted of soapstone, this bowl makes for a wonderful smudge pot, and even comes with a mini white ..


Smudge Stick - Kumeyaay Indian White Sage smudge stick 5-6"

Gathered and bundled by the Kumeyaay Indians, this sage smudge stick is an authentic Native American..


Smudge Sticks - Cedar, White Sage & Blue Sage - 4" - 3 pack

This collection of smudge sticks provides you with an assortment of traditional herbs used within sm..


Smudge Sticks - Mountain Sage, Cedar & Sweet Grass - 4" - 3 pack

Utilizing three herbs often used for smudging; these ceremonial smudge sticks incorporate Mountain S..


Smudge Sticks - Prosperity 4" - 3 pack

The prosperity smudge stick 3-pack provides you with a wonderful addition to your rituals intended t..


Smudge Sticks - Stargate - 4" - 3 pack

Stargate Meditation Smudge Sticks 4"  - 3 pack  Mingling Mountain Sage, White Sage, Ros..


Smudge Sticks - White Sage 4" - 6 pack

White Sage native american cerimonial purification grounding Smudges. 4" - 6 per pkg. ..


Smudging and Blessing Book by Jane Alexander

Smudging and Blessing Book by Jane Alexander Learn to bring the natural powe..


Totem Oil - Wolf Teaching

Use this sacred oil to help you call upon the Wolf as a totem animal, within your ritual meditation,..