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Ash Wand 13-16"

Ash wands are a useful tool for directing energy in any ritual or spell setting. All wands vary grea..


Black Onyx Pendulum Bracelet w/ Tree of Life -25%

Black Onyx Pendulum Bracelet w/ Tree of Life

Unique to these bracelets they may also be used as a pendulum for various dowsing and divinatory tas..

$28.95 $21.71

Black Tourmaline Pyramid 25-30mm

This black tourmaline pyramid is a powerful tool and is highly praised for its ability to absorb neg..


Crystal Ball - 80mm Aqua Blue

Long used in divination magic this petite crystal ball possesses a light blue tint to it, perhaps be..


Damiana Leaf cut (Turnera diffusa) 1 Lb

Said to increase magical energy and aid in divination spells, Damiana leaf is also believed to be of..


Emerald Rune Set

The 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and one blank rune stone carved from tumbled emerald. Stones can v..


Enchanted Spellboard by Zerner & Farber

Helping to connect us to the world beyond to receive messages and understanding, the Enchanted Spell..


Garnet Pyramid 25-30mm

Pyramid form to amplify - Garnet has many attributes: life blood of the Goddess, protection, clarvoy..


Green Aventurine Pyramid 30- 35mm

A carved and polished Green Aventurine pyramid. 30-35mm A gemstone used in open road, friendship, an..


Labradorite Pyramid 25-30mm

A highly polished pyramid of Labradorite measuring 25-30mm square. A particularly useful stone to ha..


Lapis Pyramid 25-30mm

Using the potency of pyramid magic with the spiritual properties of lapis, this small pyramid can he..


Llewellyn Complete Book of Divination by Richard Webster

Answer Questions and Predict the Future with this Comprehensive Collection of Proven Tips and Techni..


Malachite Pendulum with Chakra Beads

Natural stone, Malachite Pendulum.  Malachite encourages loyalty and practicality in partnershi..


Mugwort cut (Artemisia vulgaris) 1 Lb

Often used to protect against evil spirits, Mugwort is also believed to also dispel fatigue from tra..


Mugwort cut 1oz (Artemisia Vulgaris)

Often used to protect against evil spirits, Mugwort is also believed to also dispel fatigue from tra..


Ouija Eye Bangle

Seeing into the past, the present and the future with the unsettling guidance of the spirit board. A..


Ouija Planchette Earrings by Alchemy of England

Technology from the 19th century séance; a spiritualist's device for communicating with the dead thr..


Pendulum - Green Aventurine with Chakra Beads for Luck, Creation & Insight

Beautifully crafted Green Aventurine Pendulum with chakra beads on a 6” silver chain ( total length ..


Psychic Circle (Ouija Board) by Zerner & Farber

The Psychic Circle is a powerful tool for problem solving, decision making, inspiration, and wisdom...


Rose Quartz 6 Sided Pendulum

A highly polish 6 sided Rose Quartz pendulum with matching Rose Quartz fob. Please allow for varianc..