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Ajna Chakra Incense Stick 10 Pack

This stick incense blend of jasmine and Tulasi has been mixed together and rolled by hand, following..


Alice: The Wonderland Oracle by Cavendish & Griffith

In this delightful oracle inspired by Alice’s adventures you’ll meet best-loved characters of Wonder..


Coloring Book - Halloween by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

A fun and festive Halloween coloring book from Jasmine Becket-Griffith...


Essence Oils 2 Dram | 13 to choose from!

Choose from over a dozen Essence OilsAlmond Oil / Sweet Almond Oil - excellent carrying oilBayb..


Faerytale Oracle Deck by Lucy Cavendish

Grounded in the epic tradition and timeless wisdom of faerytales, this oracle reveals the meanings a..


Floral Essence Oils 2 dram New

Floral Essence Oils 2 dram

Essence oils made in USA. Almond, Bergamot, Heliotrope, Jasmine, RoseAlmond Oil / Sweet Almond Oil -..


Jasmine Essence Oil 2 dram

Blended of carefully chosen essential oils, our Jasmine oil captures the essence of the flower of th..


Jasmine Flowers Whole (Jasminum officinale) 1 Lb

Use in spells to attract love and prosperity, Jasmine is also used in divination, particularly that ..


Jasmine Flowers whole 1oz (Jasminum officianale)

Good for using in spells to attract love and prosperity, Jasmine is also used in divination, particu..


Jasmine Mistic Pheromone Perfume .33 oz

A roll on perfume by Mistic Products in a convenient roll-on vial. Each perfume oil includes a blend..


Jasmine soap 100 g

A 100 g bar of Kamini Jasmine herbal soap. A refreshing addition to any bath or ritual cleaning task..


Myths & Mermaids Oracle of the Water by Jasmine Becket-Griffith

The mystical element of water is both bringer of life and bearer of death, the herald of hope and th..


Night Jasmine oil 2 dram

Blended from assorted pure oils, Night Jasmine is a special formula. It has been created to focus on..


Pyramid Candle, Blue Jasmine 2 1/2"

Famous for Winning court cases or keeping law away, blue pyramid candle can help connect with myster..


Ragini Kachaili Incense Stick 10 Pack

This uplifting stick incense fills your space with the fragrant notes of two night-blooming flowers ..


Ragini Todi Incense Stick 10 Pack

This delightful stick incense, with a note of musk, is named after Ragini Todi, an ancient melody pe..


Shubha Incense Stick 10 Pack

Complement your meditation, or simply savor this velvety fragrance mixed together in an ancient blen..