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Ananda Resin Incense 1.2oz

Ananda means Absolute bliss, beyond pain and sorrow, but also beyond happiness and pleasure... Trans..


Anne Stokes Crystal Keepers - Poesy for Optmism & Happiness

My fairy Poesy extends her wings to dazzle and display, revealing the delight in every day, and prom..


Espiritu Protection Spell Oils 1oz New

Espiritu Protection Spell Oils 1oz

Oils may provide many different results in various areas in your life. Use them in ritual magic, ano..


Green Fluorite Happiness Tree of Life

A simple but powerful power bracelet made from natural cut and polished beads with a Tree of Life ..


Karin Roberts' Art Card 6 Pack Hummingbird Magic for Happiness

Spread some mystic love with these beautiful Animal Magic Art cards by Karin Roberts. Each card is S..


Nature's Power Pendant - Peridot for Beauty & Happiness

Softens tensions bringing forth beauty and happiness. Approximate 1" sealed vial with natural oil ad..


Pinion Pine Medicine Wheel 1 dramoil

Creating a rich, earthy atmosphere of healing and protection, this anointing oil provides for you a ..


Rose Buds & Petals, Red 2oz (Rosa gallica)

Great for spells of love and happiness, Red Rose Buds and Petals are also fantastic for those who se..


Ruby Zoisite & Garnet Gemstone Bracelet w/ Dragon Charm

This ruby zoisite and garnet bracelet is highlighed with faceted pieces. (Ruby zoisite is a dyed sto..


Tourmaline, Pink Tumbled Stones 1 lb

Known for emotional and spiritual healing. A thymus or heart based stone. Pink Tourmaline promotes j..


Turquoise (synthetic) 4mm Stretch Bracelet

A one size fits most bracelet made from (synthetic) stone beads strung on a durable elastic band. Tu..


Serenity Pillar Candle & Pink Rhodonite Pendant - 6.25" x 2"

SERENITY "Every breath we take, every step we make, can be filled with peace, joy and serenity." Thc..