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Anahata Chakra Resin Incense 1.2oz

This is a natural mixture of resins, herbs, spices and essential oils, blended with pure rose extrac..


Celtic Birth Charm Keyne to Invoke Wisdom

Keyne, daughter of Welsh King Brychan, turned venomous snakes into stone through her prayers. The Se..


Children of the Night - Masque of the Wolf for Supernatural Powers by Briar

The Ancients feared my wild spirit. I am the perfected predator. In full moon’s luster, I grow stron..


Children of the Night - Night of the Wolf for Power & Wisdom by Briar

My strength never falters while the moon shines, for I am King of Shapeshifters. Great warrior of th..


Children of the Night - Song of the Lycan for Transformation by Briar

Do not tremble at my howl, for it is not you I seek to destroy but that which would hurt you. Nothin..


Children of the Night - The Raven for Secret Knowledge by Briar

Can you hear me call? Can you see my winged shape against the dark window? I summon you to Night Ple..


Five Finger Grass cut (Cinquefoill) 1 Lb

Associated with love, money, health, power and wisdom, Five Finger Grass also known as Cinquefoil, a..


Karin Roberts' Art Card 6 Pack Owl Magic Card for Wisdom

Spread some mystic love with these beautiful Animal Magic Art cards by Karin Roberts. Each card is S..


Lapis 4mm Stretch Bracelet

Buy 3 to save 25% !  A one size fits most Lapis bracelet made from natural stone beads str..


Mythic Celts Pendant - Sulis Minerva for Wisdom & Healing

Sulis is the Celtic Goddess of healing and sacred waters and the Roman Goddess of wisdom. Pendant is..


Mythic Celts Pendant - Wisdom of Danu for Divine Knowledge

Danu means "the flowing one" and is the great mother of the Gods and the divine creator who births a..


Owl in Various Gold Sandstone 1.5"

Each is carved from gold sandstone. They are good detail and completely polished...


Owl of Athena Brooch for Magickal Wisdom New

Owl of Athena Brooch for Magickal Wisdom

Owl of Athena Brooch for Magickal Wisdom. The owl is a creature sacred to Athena, Goddess of the Nig..


Owl of Athena Pendant for Magickal Wisdom New

Owl of Athena Pendant for Magickal Wisdom

Owl of Athena for Magickal Wisdom. The owl is a creature sacred to Athena, Goddess of the Night in a..


Owl Wisdom & Healing Powers Amulet

Owl, Wisdom & Healing Powers amulet. Seeing in the night or the day. This amulet has many aspects be..


Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack

The two volumes of Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom have inspired a whole generation of tarot student..


Shaman Wisdom cards by Leita Richesson

Inspired by North American Indian tradition, legend, life, lore, and religion. Readers may use the 6..


Talisman & Elemental Card - Earth for Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

The alchemical symbol for Earth is embellished with the Earth Zodiac signs (Taurus, Virgo & Capr..


Vishuddha Chakra Incense Stick 10 Pack

This fragrant stick incense mixture of the finest oriental woods and amber have been blended togethe..


Wisdom Reiki Charged Pillar Candle

Win over the one that you desire with your spells and rituals by empowering them with the energies o..