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Cat People Tarot Deck by Karen Kuykendall

The Cat People Tarot deck is a powerful blend of symbolism and the imagery of science fiction and fa..


Cat Tarot by Eschenazi & Cammarano

Discover a world much like our own, where iconic people from history and literature come to life?not..


Cat's Eye Tarot Deck by Debra Givin

Every card in the Cat's Eye Tarot tells a story, as depicted from the feline point of view, offering..


Ceccoli Oracle by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Celebrated illustrator Nicoletta Ceccoli draws in a style of provocative enchantment. These oracle c..


Ceccoli Tarot by Nicoletta Ceccoli

Celebrated illustrator Nicoletta Ceccoli draws in a style of provocative enchantment. Her tarot deck..


Celestial Tarot Deck by Steventon & Clark

A handbook of the heavens, the Celestial Tarot blends myths, symbols, astronomy, and more with the t..


Celtic Dragon Tarot Deck & Book by Conway & Hunt

Discover the wisdom of the dragons, and learn to tap into the deep currents of elemental energy with..


Celtic Mini Tarot Deck by Davis & Paterson

Fomori, Tuatha d Danann, Ulaid, Fianna... these are the names of the main descendants of heroes talk..


Celtic Tree Oracle Deck & Book by Murray & Murray

Within this unique kit lies the secret language of the Celts. To lift the lid is to discover an anci..


Chakra Book Box 4" x 6"

Store your trinkets in this faux journal that is actually a box! This charming box is made of cold c..


Chakras, Seven Doors of Energy (bk & 7 crystals) by Lo Scarabeo

The chakras are vortexes of energy that correspond to major areas of our lives, such as survival, se..


Coloring Book - Universal Tarot

Fun for kids and adults!  A fabulous coloring book featuring art from the popular Universal Tar..


Complete Tarot Kit deck & book by Susan Levitt

The Complete Tarot Kit includes everything needed for beginner to intermediate students. The book wi..


Connolly Tarot Deck by Peter Paul & Eileen Connolly

Each picture portrayed on the 78 cards of this tarot deck create a feel that like that of medieval s..


Cosmic Tarot Deck by Norbert Losche

Depicting symbols and icons from several eras, The Cosmic Tarot offers the tarot reader interpretati..


Crystal Intentions oracle by Margaret Ann Lembo

Gemstones and Affirmations to Manifest Your Hearts Desires The way we think creates our reality. The..


Crystal oracle deck & book by Toni Carmine Salerno

Tap into the profound healing energies of the crystal world with this beautiful set of guidance card..


Crystal Visions Tarot Deck by Jenifer Galasso

With vibrant color schemes and faerie imagery, Jennifer Galasso renders the traditional tarot symbol..


Dark Fairytale Tarot Deck by Raffacle De Angelis

Prepare to be seduced by the tantalizing and irresistible fairy realm. Gorgeously rendered and charg..


Deviant Moon (borderless) Tarot Deck by Patrick Valenza

Stylized characters and moonlit dreamscapes draw you into the luminescent world of Deviant Moon Taro..